What Does Your Outfit Say About You?

What Does Your Outfit Say About You?

What Does Your Outfit Say About You?


What Does Your Outfit Say About You?
By Ambrose Akeh

No one will rightly doubt the fact that the clothes we wear tell a lot about us.

Outfits often reveal our emotional situations, and also betray our psychological status. One can easily decipher our kind of employment, social and economic status, and even our ambitions/aspirations, from the way we dress.What Does Your Outfit

As mankind sought to uncover the truth about outfit choices, and factors responsible for such choices, the need to embark on scholarly research and study became very necessary. Hence, a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner wrote a wonderful text titled, “Psychology of Clothes“. In the book, borne out of extensive research, and study, Dr. Jennifer strongly opines that psychology will always be a major determinant of our outfit choices, while also seeking to expose, and proffer solutions to some likely psychological issues our wardrobe, maybe bringing to bear in our daily lives, and even at work.

Dr Jennifer Baumgartner further explains that internal motivations like, emotional, health status, experiences, and culture, heavily influence our shopping and spending behaviors. She goes on to postulate that since our choice of outfits tells a lot about us-our personality, we can also use it as a veritable tool for social engineering, and to change or promote our social, economic, and cultural images.

In our society today, the choice of clothes/outfits has become a major parameter for ranking people in both social and economic strata. Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner believes that this norm is evident across cultures, particularly those who don’t have a particular system of doing certain things. Her words, “When you don’t have a specific system people come up with their own.” Continuing, she suggests, “This is what helps you figure out where you fit in.” Especially now, with the dwindling global economy, with more people losing status, maintaining a sense of who we are becomes even more important. Hence, our clothes help place us where we think we should be. It is also very important to note that our outfits can portray good or bad behavior. There is always an intrinsic signal our outfit gifts to onlookers.



What Your Outfit Says To You

Now, as against what our choice of clothes says about us, it also has a lot to say to us. A recent study from North-western University examined a concept called “enclothed cognition.” Researchers have defined it as, “The systemic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes.” E.g. if you choose to put on a Lawyer’s regalia, there are always unspoken but understood words from such outfits, usually popping out of your feelings-at you! It may give you that feeling of pride, or bell you to love the profession. This feeling varies with individuals, but as for me, that’s exactly how I will feel. There is always something our outfit is telling us. What is your outfit telling you today?

Matching a Great Outfit with the Right Attitude

No dress/outfit is complete without physical expressions.

How you walk, talk, smile, sit, eat, or dance, etc, has great complimentary relationship with your outfit. It is therefore very important to always match great outfits with the right attitude, and disposition. E.g, a good smile will always keep you on top of your game, any day, but a great outfit with a frowned face will betray your emotional condition, and may also portray an unhappy, depressed person. People will always spot your facial expression within minutes. So it is great to ensure that we get it right by ensuring our attitude and disposition match with out outfits.

What Does Your Outfit Say

How What We Wear Helps Improve Our Health;

What we wear can make us appear smart and healthy. This is a proven fact, as recent studies have revealed that just changing your pair of bedroom slippers can help improve your health. Also, wearing what we love most directly impacts on the level of our body’s adaptation to the fabric, hence, improving our confidence, and health. Using our preferred colors, patterns, designers, etc will always help us live happier and healthier.

How do you dress today? Have you discovered the major factors that influence your choice of outfits? Where do you buy your clothes? This is where I buy mine

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