Visiting Amsterdam: Zuid District and Two Boutique Hotels

Visiting Amsterdam: Zuid District and Two Boutique Hotels

Visiting Amsterdam: Zuid District and Two Boutique Hotels


Visiting Amsterdam: Zuid District and Two Boutique Hotels
By Leigh Williams

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the country’s largest and most populous city. However, for the tourist it is thankfully a relatively compact city (density: 4,908/km2/area: 165.76 km2) with an excellent public transport system and easily accessible on foot and of course by bicycle. Amsterdam, rich in history and culture, has quickly become a rising star as a travel destination and is now one of the most popular destinations in Europe, attracting over 6 million visitors per year. Places of interest include the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House and Rembrandt House. Of course, the city is also well known for its more liberal and/or decadent side, namely the numerous ‘coffee shops’ (where customers can legally consume marijuana) and its red-light districts (Rosse Buurt); De Wallen, Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkade, of which De Wallen is the largest and oldest.Apple Inn Hotel Amsterdam

The Amsterdam-Zuid district lies in the south of the capital’s centre and is the perfect area to stay when visiting the Dutch capital; it has excellent tram connection (routes 2 and 16) and is also within walking and/or cycling distance from the Museumplein (Museum Square), where three of the city’s main museums are located – the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum – as well as the world-famous neoclassical concert hall, Concertgebouw. The area also includes Amsterdam’s largest green space, Vondelpark. This public urban park has an area of 120 acres and facilities include an open-air theatre, a playground and several eateries. Vondelpark provides the perfect place for a relaxing break from the city’s hustle and bustle or a leisurely stroll onto some of the city’s attractions.


Aadam Wilhelmina Hotel

Amsterdam has a thriving accommodation market to cater for its visitors, which includes the usual well-known chains (Holiday Inn, ibis, Best Western, NH… ), as well as more personal and often smaller boutique-style hotels. There are two boutique-style hotels that are located in the Amsterdam-Zuid district, directly on the middle to east side of Koninginneweg (Queensway) street. Koninginneweg was named in 1888 after Queen Emma and it is a quiet street to the west and becomes busier the further central you reach. The area is one of the most affluent in Amsterdam and was mainly developed at the end of the 19th century, offering some remarkable architecture in what is generally known as the Amsterdam School style. This architecture style arose from 1910 to about 1930 in the Netherlands and is characterised by brick construction with complicated masonry with a rounded or organic appearance.

2-star Hotel Aadam Wilhelmina lies almost midway along the road at number 169 and close to the Valeriusplein/Koninginneweg tram stop. Just 300 metres further east is 3-star Apple Inn Hotel at number 93 Koninginneweg which is housed in a traditional 19th century redbrick canal house.

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