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Since we are all concerned about the depletion and ultraviolet radiation that comes to us, I think this summer will be a topic that will be a lot of talking. Although a large number of protective cream, and the different ways we can protect ourselves, for several years with the weather every day we have a report on ultraviolet radiation.

UVA and UVB rays penetrate the outer layer of the skin and cause damage: sunburn, skin cancer, allergies and so on.


Exposure to sun light skin is basically a very beneficial for the skin. This encourages the skin synthesis of vitamin D that is essential for bone calcification. However, the emergence of depletion in the atmosphere, sunlight is becoming very dangerous.

Too long exposure to solar radiation can cause so-called. fotostarenje skin. The skin becomes dry, deep wrinkles appear, damage to the epidermis. It can also cause severe second degree burns.

Skin and eyes are organs of the human body that are most exposed to UV radiation, therefore, the greatest attention is paid to their protection.

Tests have shown that adequate UV protection can be in 70% of cases to prevent skin cancer. It is believed that the skin is best protected by clothing and body parts not protected by clothing to put on sunscreen.

The most important measure of protection is to avoid sun exposure when it is most dangerous (from 10 to 16 hours) and regular monitoring and informing the public media on the intensity of UV radiation and adherence to recommendations given to them.

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