Time is everything!

Imagine, you get to a contest won the following prizes: every morning, your bank puts  86,400 EUR in your account.
But this game has rules, as every game has certain rules, which you certainly not unknown.
The first rule: Everything, as in the day you fail to spend,deprive you.Money you can not just shift the other account.You can only to spend it.
But every morning when you wake up,bank pay you back again  86,400 EUR on your account.
The second rule: The Bank can stop game  without a WARNING, every moment can say: the end of the game!
It can close the account, and you can’t get new accounts.
What would you do?
You should all buy, what you wish?
Not only for ourselves but for all those people you love?!
Maybe for people who don’t know, because all  money, you can’t that I’m sure you can not spend ..
You would have every ” euro” spend, and that it carefully use.
In essence, this game is real, each of us has the” magic” bank. Just do not see it!
That magical bank is time.
Every morning when we wake up we get 86.400 seconds of life donated for the day and at night when we fall asleep, we deleted the remaining time.
What we done that day, is lost forever!
Yesterday is history!
Every morning, a full account again, but the bank can at any moment off bill
… without warning.
What do you do for  daily 86 400 seconds?









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