Ladies, Here Is How To Attract Him And Keep Him

Ladies, Here Is How To Attract Him And Keep Him

Ladies, Here Is How To Attract Him And Keep Him
By Kevin Green

I have lady friends and we like spending time together when we are all free. Weekends are our best times as we wind away from a busy week. Well, it happens that we talk so much about anything that affects us as ladies. A good number of us are dating but a few are currently not dating. They have either broken up the relationship or their men have walked away and they do not know exactly why it keeps happening to them while the rest of us have been dating for years without a single break up. This got us talking about the ways to attract the right kind of men and keep them by our sides.

If you are a lady, I’m pretty sure you want to date a Mr right and keep him beyond marriage. Every lady wants that but sometimes that is not what you get. You may have not done anything grossly wrong but you lost your recent date who had even promised you an engagement ring before Christmas. Being a lady, I know how it feels to lose a good date. It is embarrassing and you always feel that there is something wrong with you. It may not be so; you may be doing it all wrong out of ignorance. I do not want this to continue happening to you; here is how to catch him and keep him for as long as you want.

Do this to attract and keep him by your side:


You need a little mystery but do not always play hard to get: sometimes ladies try so much to impress men that they give out everything about them on the first date. You will kill their interest in you if you come along so shallow. They will be left with nothing else to learn about you for the next date. Be spare in what you say about yourself. Leave so much to be desired for the next time. You have to keep a man guessing on so many things about you. However, do not confuse this with playing hard to get. Do not say yes the first day but explain why you need sometime. Next time give something more but do not push it too far to scare him away.

Do not bring forth your past insecurities: you may have been hurt in the past and the pain may still be lingering when this man comes into your life. Men are not the same and you will be hurting your feelings if you are afraid that this relationship may end up the same as your previous one. Take it with ease and try to learn about the new date. You will be able to notice any red flags of a bad relationship early enough to call it quits. But if you want a man to be attracted to you and stay then you have to forget about your bad past and start it anew with this one. This may be the best chance you will ever have for a date which will lead to marriage.


Show commitment: after your third or fourth date with a man, you already know whether he is into you. If he has shown dedication to be by your side, it is your turn to make the right move. Start to show some commitment to him. If you used to spend your time with the girls, you have to spare some weekends for him too. Go over to his place and cook for him. Stay over the night and show him that all you want is to be with him. He will reciprocate by dedicating more of his time and everything to be with you. Every time do something that will emphasize your commitment.

You do not have to try too hard: I know good men are hard to come by but yours is somewhere there waiting you to attract him. In trying too hard to impress a man, you become careless and this is the time you are vulnerable to making dating mistakes that will turn him off. You will devalue yourself by trying to chase him and he will slip away from your fingers. Men like ladies who value themselves. Do not let your guard down and you will attract the right kind of man.

Be genuine: one thing with men is that they know when you are faking feelings or a relationship with them. They know you are just acting to get their attention. You will not attract any man if you are not yourself. May be you get a one-night stand and it all ends there. Be yourself: react the way you would in normal situations, get angry and be happy when it deems necessary. He will like the real you and things may get going a long way and who knows, may be a ring on your finger

You are the one to be wooed: it is the 21st century and women can freely woo men. Yes you can but I’m not sure you will be sending the right message. You want a man to yourself and keep him interested so throwing the bait to him is not the right path to this desire. Let a man notice and come to you. From there on you can show him how much you want him. Until then, just keep doing things as if you do not notice the many eyes on you as you walk down the alley.

Find satisfaction in what you have: do not bring in your ideal world in every relationship you get into. Sometimes it is better to see the positive sides and forget about the negatives. You will grow stronger and your man will be attracted to you even more. Men want women who will complement them but not someone who complains virtually about everything.

Just to make sure you now know how to catch him and keep him, here is a recap of what we’ve said. Be yourself, do not try really hard, do not give it all about yourself on your first date, keep some level of mystery about you, and be wooed not you wooing. Ladies, you deserve a good man so go out there and have a great date that will last, won’t you?

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