iPhone 7 Redesigned By a Guy and His Power Tools

iPhone 7 Redesigned By a Guy and His Power Tools

A man has redesigned the iPhone 7 using nothing but his power tools and his own ingenuity, altering its case and making it more visually distinctive than Apple’s own design for the smartphone.

Many were disappointed by the iPhone 7’s appearance, with it not looking too dissimilar from the iPhone 6 and prompting many to criticize its lack of originality as a result. In response to this complaint, YouTuber PeripateticPandas set about redesigning his iPhone 7 in order to make it stand out from its predecessor, by shaving off its edges using a belt-sander and a circular saw in a risky display of DIY. The end result makes the rounded edges of the iPhone 7 distinctly flatter, while also giving them a more metallic appearance as a result of the sanding.


However, despite all the cosmetic work the YouTuber did to the iPhone 7, it still appears to be fully functional, with him showing a demonstration of how the device continues to work despite his alterations. Although its not exactly a radical makeover, and it does nothing to actually alter the mechanics of the smartphone (he didn’t introduce a headphone jack or anything, despite some particularly gullible users thinking that this would be possible last month), it certainly makes the iPhone 7 stand out among the iPhone product line, something which Apple failed to do.

Check out PeripateticPandas’ iPhone 7 redesign below:

Image Credit: YouTube / PeripateticPandas

Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/design/1134891-iphone-7-redesigned-guy-power-tools#7eK4fYxA6PUIIcJR.99



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