Game of thrones Things Before Season 7

Game of thrones Things Before Season 7
Hello everybody , since the end of season 6 , we have been waiting for the release of season 7. Well the end of season 7 was extremely thrilling.

Now as the first episode of season 7 has been released , I have collected some important notes on some of the things you must recollect before further watching season 7 ,here on StrangeDesk.


So Bran has found about Jon Snow-s birth through his vision to the past . We find that Bran was not Ned’s Bastard , as Ned was always faithful to his wife. 
Jon Snow was Lyanna Stark’s son with Rhaegar Targaryen. Many of the fans of the novels figured this out for themselves years ago but now there is no doubt. This changes a lot of things, since we now how that Targaryen blood flows through his veins. Could he be the one to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne?
After the battle of bastards Jon snow was named the white Wolf, the new king in the north to wihch all the northern houses were sworn to support .
Daenerys Targaryen has ammased a completly strong army against westeros .With help from Tyrion, Varys, Daario, Missandei and of course, her three gargantuan dragons, she has admirably been able to ensure freedom throughout Slaver’s Bay (now known as the Bay of Dragons). Her determination, compassion and conviction has drawn others to her cause. So who will we see fighting alongside her in season seven ?
Where as the second sons and Daario Naharis stayed behind in Meereen to control any other crisis that could have raised.
we know she has the Dothraki horde of tens of thousands, several thousand Unsullied soldiers, the Iron Fleet and Dorne, as well as the Reach as allies. That’s quite a large force, and if she’s able to maintain them, taking Westeros should be no trouble at all. From the various images around the web, it looks like she’ll soon have the aid of the North as well, but we’ll have to wait and see.


In the First Episode of Season five we saw Cercie visit the witch in the woods (also known as Maggy the frog) and also pay on blood for the prophecy. Cercei asked three questions: When she’d marry the prince, if she’d be queen and if she and the king would have children. Maggy predicted that she’d marry the king (Robert Baratheon), that she would be queen until a younger, more beautiful queen takes it all away from her, and finally, that she’d have three children, all of whom would die.
Almost everything cam true , Cercei married Robert, became queen and lost all three of her children. All that’s left is for someone younger and more beautiful to take her down from her throne. Cercei knows her fate and it’ll be interesting to see how she fights it, or if she does.


One of the most important and yet most confusing things to keep in mind is where everyone’s allegiances lie. The War of the Five Kings may have long since ended but a new war is coming and we have to know the different sides. There are quite a few minor houses all over Westeros and we’re not going to go into those. Rather, we’ll focus on the four major factions you need to remember.
The Lannisters have the Iron Throne but are pretty much on their own because Cercei decided to murder everyone; the North (and the Vale) has rallied together around Jon Snow and the Stark family; Daenerys has a massive armada crossing the Narrow Sea; and finally, Euron Greyjoy has assembled the Ironborn and seeks to take Westeros for himself.


There is somthing special about valyrian steel swords, this another material that ew have realized that can kill the White Walkers other than dragon glass.
There’s Longclaw, which belongs to Jon Snow, Oathkeeper, wielded by Brienne of Tarth, Widow’s Wail, last seen atop Joffrey Baratheon’s corpse and finally, Heartsbane, which Samwell Tarly wisely thought to steal from his family’s keep at Horn Hill.
We may shortly see their usage once the dead have done messing around the north.
Maybe this season we’ll see Widow’s Wail wielded by someone else, possibly Jamie Lannister, since Tommen (who would have inherited the blade) is now dead.


It was also revealed in the earlier seasons that Dragonglass was used by the forest girls to make White Walkers by putting Dragonglass whole into the body of the first men, we also know that Dragonglass is also capable of killing the While Walkers.
Samwell Tarly was the first one to do so . Although most of the dragonglass daggers which were found near the cliff in the north were lost during the attack by the dead when Jon Snow had raised helping hand ton the wildlings.
More and more the odds of survival against the White Walkers look better with every season. Now all that needs to happen is for Westeros to get its act together so they can muster up a large enough force to properly deal with the Night King and his horde of undead wights.

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