Computerised Fabrics could be our Fashionable Future

Computerised Fabrics could be our Fashionable Future

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We love fashion and when it comes intertwined with technology we love it even more. Like the Karma Chameleon project that involves weaving electronic fabric into clothes in a way that allows the storage of energy from the body. You have two garments, a dress that changes itself, and a shirt which can charge a phone. What we are looking at could well be our future though not immediately, the aim is to create something ground-breaking, several notches higher from reversible jackets and color-changing clothes.

The fabric could be used to charge a mobile phone, the researchers say

Prototype designs have been developed to show the concepts in action. Ms Berzowska’s ideas will be presented at a conference dedicated to smart fabric innovation to be held in San Francisco this week.

[Via – Bbc]


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