Atlantis is the legendary island of ancient culture, whose very existence and the existence of the place is still unknown. Atlantis is the first time mentioned the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who reported that she was devastated by natural disaster.
There are many legends about the Atlanteans and how advanced their civilization disappeared. According to legend, they destroyed themselves by misuse of some terrible power, and the second, the gods punish them for the moral collapse. In the Middle Ages, people were sure that Atlantis really existed, and even believed that the mystical continent stood on the site of the present Atlantic Ocean. Then the researchers sailed around the world in search of this mystery, finding the way North and South America, China, Japan and Australia.
If you found an ancient civilization?
A team of American Scientists claims that there is a possibility that they are near the southern coast of Spain locate the mythical city of Atlantis, a metropolis that is believed to have been thousands of years ago sank a huge tsunami.
Although one can not say for sure that this is Atlantis, science team leader Professor Richard Frejd University of Hartford, said that by Memorial cities argue that the city buried in the mud near the southern coast of Spain.
With his descriptions of the maps of Atlantis researchers have focused on the combination of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, as the site where the most likely is the lost civilization.
Experts are planning further excavations at the site where they believe that it is located, and about 200 mysterious cities in the Spanish mainland.

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