There happened to ethnic cleansing,they think it’s worse than the concert Amy Wineouse,asked the American comedian Chelsea Handler on the show.

To remind you, Minister Sutanovac called the Bolsheviks, and shocked at what the Serbs have Facebook and are allowed to attend concerts.

Boycott TV “E!” search and the newly formed group on Facebook, which has already gathered more than 7,000 members.

The website was created petition;


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, which has more than 3,500 people have signed, and which are required to send a formal apology Hendler Serbs because of their appearance, and her Facebook page is filled in the comments of people from Serbia. Good comments were part of attempts to explain what the comedian is actually the situation in Serbia and what happened at the concert, but most posts are still the simplest curses and insults against heavy Chelsea.

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  1. Haim
    Haim 23 June, 2011, 13:57

    people are revolted from her speech and sure there are people who use bad words in affect. She isn’t simpatico person as well and it’s hard to keep cool when she is theme. It wasnt fair to joke about Serbia at that moment, it was fair to joke about Amy Weinhaus. wasnt it?

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  2. Paradox
    Paradox 23 June, 2011, 13:59

    give me a break.
    she made a mistake and she must deal with it.
    we made genocide?
    what about USA?
    the first on the list is VIETNAM!
    4 milion dead!
    Men, women and children.
    what happend in somalia?
    two of your soldiers get raped and gutted in front of a national TV by somalians and you put that in a shadow.
    everyone forgets it.

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  3. Lola Nikic
    Lola Nikic 23 June, 2011, 17:16

    Dear Chelsea,
    I supposed you couldn’t know that you have a huge base of fans in Serbia? Huge, considering the percentage of Serbia population, but I guess not big enough to stop you to be disrespectable towards us. Well yes, most of us can speak English, have cable and have internet that can use and navigate (it`s obvious isn`t it?).
    I guess that writers of your script didn`t count on that. Or they think this is just completely OK? I don`t want to hold a speech about democratic transition in our country, about our effort to reconcile and about representative of our people that we are proud of such as Vlade Divac, Pedja Stojakovic, Ana Ivanovic, Novak Djokovic and ETC. I will just say – get informed. We were kingdom much before America was discovered. Yes we have had difficult period with bad politicians, but we are not the only country that went through this sort of “tough” period. I think you, of all, will understand this.
    On the other hand… to say that our country is a shame and huge disappointment? Coming from you… from USA, where each of president have to start a war in different country to be respected from their people because the USA, country with 309 mil. Is “threatened by dead” from countries of 6-7-8 mil. of people located on the other end of the world?!
    How come most of these counties are reach in oil, and other natural resources or they are in strategically important geographical part of the Europe? And are they really all so stupid to mess around with countries that are 50 times bigger? Come on… It`s hard to believe this, but even harder is to believe that you are all buying this story.
    In the end, Chelsea, I think that it would be more then appropriate to apologize to people of Serbia. To reconcile and to keep your jokes to yourself. It`s a big country, you will probably have enough material.
    And yes, one more thing, reason – it`s only a TV show is not enough. This was NOT joke to us.

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  4. ZerdefeKeycle
    ZerdefeKeycle 3 July, 2011, 03:22

    Charming phrase

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  5. Vera
    Vera 24 July, 2011, 09:23

    Just to share with you that I am sad because of the thinks that happened in Norway and because the Amy Winehouse’s death. I am also soo mad with US comedians who were laughing both at her last concert in Belgrade and at Serbia, and I am not the only one here who find them partly responsible for she finished in a suicide-like way. I know that American comedians are not witty enough, that they than compensate lack of genuine sense for humor by being rough, but this was really too irresponsible! And towards Serbia, who struggles with the depths of 90s, with still fragile public attitude towards NATO countries that did bombing, particularly US and UK. Me, and my friends are the ones who struggle to fight against prejudices to America after painful and not digested enough ’99 bombing experience, with Libya and some other countries following as a “prove” to those who think… And, Serbia today should be supported to overcome Milosevic’s Serbia of ‘90s, but this move is not helping at all!

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