6 Myths about cheating in marriage




MITH # 1: People cheat because they are unhappy at home

This is usually the case if you are female. Women in long-term relationship or marriage,denounce the affair as dissatisfaction with the situation at home. For men, on the other hand, this may not be the case. Many men who love their partners and are pleased with sexual life, will not refuse the opportunity for some action from the side, if they think they can get away with it. In one survey 56% of men who deceive women said they were very satisfied with their marriage. Only 34% of women said the same thing.

Myth # 2: Men cheat more than women
Once this was correct,but now things are different. Why? Women cheat for the same reasons as men: because it is something new. Women ,of course, listed some reasons for their unbelief: the affair is “reward” for not appreciating a woman (and a mother)at home ,or having to live with a partner who ignores them, doesn`t listen and was inattentive.Cheating is also an injection of confidence – buying a lipstickor or new haircut does not work in this field any more.Yet women do not cheat as easily as men, and often feel guilty.But research shows that they lie a lot better.They probably go undetected more likely than men.
Myth # 3: Affairs are mainly due to sex


Some affairs have to do with sex and ,of course, include sex because it is forbidden with regular partner, and this makes it even more attractive. But sex is not always the reason why people cheat. Affairs are used by people to get something they do not get in their relationships.The one who cheats is not often aware of what is wrong about him. Some cheat “perfect” partners because they were sick of perfection. It’s not always about sex.

Myth # 4: If the partner cheats doesn` t love you

Possibly so, but not necessarily. But the fact is that you are not appreciated. Some people are very able to push apart sex from love and for them sleeping with someone else does not affect the love they feel toward the partner.The coice one have to make is whether the partner`s defition, experiencing of love is good enough.

Myth # 5: Sex with your ex is not cheating

Sex with your ex or former is something that often happens to people. You do not have the feeling that you were unfaithful because you already know the person and had sex with that partner before. Totally wrong approach. The sex does not mean anything to you but what if the other party suffers and experiences sex as a sign of reconciliation and renewal of old ties. Sex with strangers is even safer than sex with former partners.

Myth # 6: The one who has cheated before, will cheat again

This is almost always true. If your partner cheated all the girls with whom he was ,he – very likely would that to you also.

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