18-Carat Gold Earbuds

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    These are Happy Plus, 18-carat gold earbuds that cost $14,500 a pop. Wow. For 14.5 Gs you’d think they could have splurged a little to make them a better shape. You know, NOT the most uncomfortable shape in the world? Hell, even Apple has stopped using that shape. And everyone knows Apple DGAF about yall’s thoughts and feelings, but even they tried those earbuds and acknowledged that those things feel like shoving bulbous rocks into your earholes. So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is if I’m forking over $14,500 for earbuds, they better be comfy. And also double as a living space because I’d have to forgo paying rent for a year to afford them.gold-earbuds-headphones_2 gold-earbuds-headphones_1


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